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As anyone who has received our Monthly Prayer Diary knows, we have been working really hard on a brand new website. We have outgrown our old one - as the ministry developed it has been increasingly difficult to really communicate what we can offer Church Leaders, and it was in desperate need of a face-lift!

Our new site is designed to clearly show that as Freedom In Christ we can help you with:

  1. Discipleship courses for every generation, and follow-up courses to help you take the message deeper
  2. Training & retreats for Church Leadership Teams, to help you get the most out of our courses.
  3. Delivering discipleship through online streaming, via FreedomStream, and
  4. How you can partner with us through prayer, giving and joining...

ARGENTINA: Pastor Juan Ovando is our Representative for Freedom in Christ in Argentina. He took a mission trip to minister among the indigenous tribes in Peru; Juan was able to introduce Freedom in Christ to this community. These young men (pictured above) are from an indigenous tribe in Peru that Pastor Juan worked with.

Juan said, “The young people were very moved by doing the Steps to Freedom in Christ! For many of the men and women in the group, when we came to forgiveness, there were many tears as they found their freedom from past hurts, and found true and lasting freedom in Christ alone!” 

Beatriz Argüello, wife of Andrés Bundo, the lead pastor’s wife of Iglesia del Pacto Cristiana in Bogotá Colombia writes: “On Friday nights our church has had small groups for many years....

Each year in a lovely hotel in the countryside, Steve & Zoë and Malcom & Kim run a Freedom in Christ Marriage Retreat for leaders, both for their own marriages as well as to learn how to use it in their own setting.

Steve Marriage TalkWell, like so many things this year they were faced with a choice of cancelling it or trying something new! They opted for the 'something new' and ending up holding not one but two retreats in the last month.

The first was for the UK who were already booked on, plus a few extras who signed up. The second was for our Freedom in Christ team members in the USA and Caribbean. Not only did both retreats work really well with couples sharing some great feedback, but also gave them a vision for how we can get this resource out to so many more couples.

Some of the very positive...

With the continued coronavirus "lockdown" and the prospect of social distancing being with us for some time to come, it's clear we need to get used to a new kind of "normal". Being a leader is challenging at the best of times, let alone in a season of change, anxiety and uncertainty. 

What better time to ensure you are leading firmly out of your identity in Jesus, wise to the reality of the spiritual battle we are in, and tooled up to enter into all that God has for you?

Starting mid-May, we will be offering two of our courses online to Church Leaders and others in Leadership within the Church or Business. Gareth, our South East Director will host the Freedom In Christ Course on Wednesday evenings starting at 8pm, and Rob, our Executive Director, will host Freed To Lead on Friday afternoons at 3pm.

Registration is free - all you will need is the right Particpant's Guide and other course materials, which are available from our online shop. There...

The 2019 TRANSFORM Europe & Middle East Cohort, on retreat in Albania before the Coronavirus lockdown.

TRANSFORM was launched in September 2017 and by June 2020, we will have completed three full programmes, involving over 150 leaders from 20 different countries!

In the 6th century Gregory The Great warned about the danger of distraction in ministry:

“It is as though (the mind) were so preoccupied during a journey as to forget what the destination was!”

Perhaps some things don’t change that much after all! TRANSFORM takes leaders on a 10-month collaborative journey to recover the destination of encountering God and experiencing ongoing transformation for themselves.

The programme is based upon the Freedom In Christ Course, Grace Course and Freed To Lead Course, personal Steps To Freedom appointments and scheduled...

All five videos from our "How To..." series on Remote Discipleship in one place! Remote Discipleship - An Introduction, Zoom 101, Claiming Host, Using Breakout Rooms, and Using FreedomStream and Zoom.

Coupled with our 3 month free trial on FreedomStream, and our specially discounted FreedomStream Starter Packs, this should give you everything you need to ensure you "do not give up meeting together" (Heb. 10:25) through doing Remote Discipleship!

1. An Introduction

In this first video of our Remote Discipleship Series, we introduce how Freedom in Christ can help you "do" Remote Discipleship and some of the tools you'll need. Unfortunately a problem with the audio from 55s - 1m13s, for some reason... but the rest of the video is fine!


We've released three more vidoes in our series on "Remote Discipleship": Zoom 101, Claiming Host, and using Breakout Rooms. You can view the first introductory video on this page, and the fifth video in the series here

Zoom 101

Our second video in the Remote Discipleship series takes you through some of the key settings on Zoom to make sure you have a great meeting

Claiming Host

In our third video in the Remote Discipleship Series, we discuss how we can claim and share being the "host" - a really important feature to ensure the person leading the meeting gets all the functionality they need!