FreedomStream FAQs



Go to and select the subscription you want from the drop down menu. This will then automatically take you through to the product page for that subscription, which will give you more details about what you get in FreedomStream.

International subscribers should go to

Subscriptions are for all the members of that church – in order for everyone to access it they will need to just share their login details. For this reason, we recommend people register a new account in their organisations name to protect their private data.

FreedomStream allows multiple simultaneous logins.



Annual subscriptions get 2 months free compared to monthly.

2 week free trial available on all subscriptions – click on the red “Free Trial” button which takes you to, where you select your subscription in the same way.

Prices are for average church attendance – not necessarily total “members”

The pricing bands are:

Up to 100: £15 per month / £150 per year

101 – 350: £25 per month / £250 per year

351 – 750: £35 per month / £350 per year

751 – 1,500: £50 per month / £500 per year

1,501 – 2,500: £75 per month / £750 per year

2,500+     £100 per month / £1,000 per year


Payment is only by PayPal.



Your FreedomStream subscription is effectively a PayPal Recurring Payment. The easiest way to cancel is to log into the PayPal account you used to subscribe, and cancel the automatic payment. You do that by clicking here signing into your account and cancelling the Freedom In Christ payment. You can cancel this at any time. There is also a very helpful FAQ on the PayPal website telling you how to do it here.


Special Starter Packs For FreedomStream Subscribers

There are special ‘printed material only’ starter packs available for the Freedom In Christ Course, disciple, Grace Course and Freed To Lead (NOT Youth – that’s the same as the normal Starter Pack). These contain the same as the normal Starter Packs minus the DVDs.

Starter Pack Prices are:

FIC Course - £229
Disciple - £119
Grace Course - £109
Freed To Lead - £89

These starter packs are only available to FreedomStream subscribers.

When you check out, the system will check if you are a subscriber OR if you have a subscription in your cart – if not, it won’t let you purchase it.


Technical Support

Via email to


The picture quality is poor

The clarity of the video will depend on a few factors including the internet connection speed, the resolution of the computer and/or the TV. The system should automatically detect the most appropriate resolution for streaming to reduce buffering i.e. stops in the picture transmission.

To manually change the resolution, Click on the screen resolution symbol in the video play bar (bottom right). It will show the available resolutions. Some of the older courses like the Youth FIC, and our training Making Fruitful Disciples and Helping Others Find Freedom In Christ have only 360p resolution and therefore the image will not be as clear as the newer videos (Freedom In Christ course, disciple, Freed To Lead etc) with 720p and/or 1080p resolution.


How do I show the video on a TV?

This depends on the type of TV you have.
If the TV is one of the new generation of smart TVs which allows direct internet connection, you can go into the built in browser in the smart TV and log in to the website as you would using a computer. Please note, not all browsers/Smart TVs are compatible, you will need to test this.

If it is an older TV, you will need to attach an internet enabled device via a suitable port. An adapter may be required depending on the computer you are using. For example: If you have Amazon Video, you can download the Firefox App which means you can browse the internet as you would on a computer.

Google Chromecast allows you to “broadcast” from your phone or tablet.


How do I show subtitles?

Not all the course have subtitles. If the course has subtitles available, you will see a CC button at the right hand bottom of the screen. Click on the button and select the language desired.



View the full FAQs here

View the Terms Of Use here

FreedomStream videos cannot be downloaded and can only be streamed online.

FreedomStream will automatically detect your internet connection and provide the quality that best suits your internet speed

We recommend a minimum connection speed of 1mbps for 360p resolution, 4mpbs for 720p and 6mbps for 1080p (HD).

Subtitles are currently available in English, Español Latinoamérica (Latin American Spanish), Español España (Spain Spanish), Latviski (Latvian) and Português (Portuguese).