January Online Freedom Courses

We're excited to announce our New Year online freedom courses for leaders!

Since our discipleship ministry began over 30 years ago, Freedom in Christ has equipped millions of Christians worldwide to cultivate a lifestyle of unstoppable spiritual growth. We offer a unique approach to discipleship based on our 3 core principles of Truth, Turning and Transformation. It’s holistic, transferable, and completely based on Biblical truth that anyone, anywhere, anytime can use.  The Freedom in Christ Courses will help you break through to a greater level of spiritual maturity and to uncover any areas of deception in your life that are holding you back from being the leader God created you to be.

We're excited about this next chapter at Freedom in Christ because we know it will open up doors for more people than ever before to experience the freedom that comes with knowing God's Truth and walking in obedience to His Word!

Below are the free courses we are running in the New Year...


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