How does The Grace Course work with the Discipleship Course?

The Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course is a best-selling course consisting of 13 sessions plus The Steps To Freedom In Christ ministry component. The look and feel of The Grace Course is modelled on the Discipleship Course so will be instantly familiar to previous users.

The Grace Course can stand alone but is also designed to work well with the Discipleship Course. They very much complement each other.

The overall theme running through both courses could be characterized as, “know the truth and the truth will set you free”. Both courses have similar main emphases: knowing who you are in Christ; and the importance of renewing the mind.

With 13 sessions, the Discipleship Course is more comprehensive. In particular, it has more to say on the crucial areas of why we need to forgive others, the battle for our minds, recognizing that all of us are predisposed to a particular worldview and understanding how to bring our goals into line with God’s goals for our lives. It tends to draw from the epistles a little more than the gospels. The Grace Course on the other hand has just six sessions but covers some key areas in a lot more depth than the Discipleship Course: guilt; shame; fear; pride; and ministering out of rest. It tends to draw from the gospels a little more than the epistles.

We showed The Grace Course to several leaders who are experienced users of the Discipleship Course. All said that the two courses work together extremely well. They felt that, having experienced one course, people would definitely want to go on and do the other and it would be highly beneficial for them to do so.

Nearly all said they would want to use both courses, for example by running one course for a period followed in the next period by the other course, giving participants opportunity to do both. They were, however, split on which course they would put participants through first: some said one, some said the other!