disciple Starter Pack for 5 - NO DVD

disciple Starter Pack for 5 - NO DVD

Save £20 on normal prices!

All the printed material you need to run disciple for 5 people, including Leader's Guide, Participant's Guides, Steps To Freedom books, Postcards, Posters, Invitations and the Freedom In Christ Prayer Manual.

You will need to make sure you have a FreedomStream subscription to access the teaching videos, or purchase the disciple Starter Pack for 5 with DVDsinstead.

disciple Leader's Guide
disciple Participant's Guide
disciple Postcard - Who I am in Jesus
disciple Postcard - The Can Do List
disciple Postcard - My Father God
disciple Publicity Poster
disciple Over-printable Invitations (pack of 50)
Steps To Freedom In Christ 2017
The Freedom In Christ Prayer Manual - NEW!