Remote Discipleship - Getting the best out of Zoom

We've released three more vidoes in our series on "Remote Discipleship": Zoom 101, Claiming Host, and using Breakout Rooms. You can view the first introductory video on this page, and the fifth video in the series here

Zoom 101

Our second video in the Remote Discipleship series takes you through some of the key settings on Zoom to make sure you have a great meeting

Claiming Host

In our third video in the Remote Discipleship Series, we discuss how we can claim and share being the "host" - a really important feature to ensure the person leading the meeting gets all the functionality they need!

Breakout Rooms

In this fourth video in the Remote Discipleship series, we demonstrate using 'Breakout Rooms" for prayer and discussion times.

If you have any questions or want to talk through your ideas for Remote Discipleship, do give us a call!

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