National Co-Ordinator appointed for Brazil!

We’re delighted to announce that Ana Alice Coehlo has just been appointed as the National Co-Ordinator for Brazil. Ana Alice has been married for 31 years to Nivaldo who is the Senior Pastor of a large church in Campo Grande. He is now going through the application process to become a National Co-Ordinator alongside his wife.

Ana Alice is the Children’s Pastor and works closely with Nivaldo in leading the church. They have two sons, Arthur married to Daniela with a young baby son, and Alberto who is studying in the USA. Ana Alice grew up in a Christian family and accepted Jesus as her Lord when she was 11. She then went on to study medicine at university.

Ana Alice first came across Freedom in Christ in 2003 when she read Neil Anderson’s books and since then they have used the Steps to Freedom in their church. She says, “It was part of our counselling strategy, so when Steve & Zoë Goss came to visit our church in 2016 with Samuel & Jacinta Santos and presented this opportunity it seemed good to grow and train our church and share with other pastors in Brazil.” They have since produced a translation of the Freedom in Christ course in Brazilian Portuguese.

Rob and Nancy Reed, Area Directors for Latin America, have just led a series of training events in Brazil and were delighted to be able to commission Ana Alice as the National Co-Ordinator. Rob says, “Ana has experienced what we teach in Freedom in Christ in depth. She is a proven leader who knows who she is in Christ and is contagious with the freedom message towards others.  In fact, she provided a significant contact in Colombia who opened up the doors to host a training event in their church last September. It is a blessing to work with her.”

Welcome Ana! And thanks so much to Samuel, our National Representative for Portugal, who has done so much to spread the word in the Portuguese-speaking world.




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