Choose Freedom! Jess' Story

We're sharing stories of freedom and fruitfulness to encourage and inspire us all to take hold of the freedom Jesus has won for us! Here Jess shares about the difference God has made through the teaching in Freed To Lead:

Jess, how did you first find out about Freedom In Christ?

I first found out about Freedom in Christ when I was given the bondage breaker 12 years ago - that in itself is a story worth sharing, but perhaps for another time!

We'll take you up on that! So, which part of the freedom message has spoken to you most recently?

I've found that the Freedom in Christ message gives me the tools to travel life's highs and lows well - whatever life throws at me! Most recently I have found the teaching from Feed to Lead on overcoming stress and anxiety invaluable.

So, what's changed?

Previously if someone was stressed, I would jump on the stress wagon and allow it to affect me and everyone else. Now I refuse to pick that stress up knowing that I have all the power, love and self-control I need in Christ to be a "Lightening Rod" as Freed To Lead puts it - grounding stress and anxiety and not letting it rule the roost.

It's transformed not only my leadership, but also my thought life to understand that all I need to do is fulfil my responsibility in a situation and hand the outcome to God – whether a project flies or fails, it won’t affect who we are or what we are worth in Christ.

What would be your advice to someone thinking about doing Freedom In Christ?

Freed to Lead is an invaluable resource. It enables you to see life through a kingdom lens to make sure that you are effective in your calling and not being unnecessarily held back. The only thing you have to lose is the stuff that’s holding you back – Go for it! 

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