Brand New Training Centre Opens In Ethiopia

For several years, Howard, our Director for Africa, and Zemen, our Ethiopian National Representative,  have been working to fulfil the dream of creating a training centre in Addis Ababa for pastors, church leaders and churches to equip them to use the Freedom in Christ materials, to live truths and pass them on to others.

This training centre is now nearing completion! It includes classrooms, dining, dorm rooms and kitchen. It has been functioning as a training centre since January - even as construction was still being completed. In April this year, 21 students attended three weeks training which included the Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course, Bible study methods and evangelism.

This group could hardly afford travel to the training but Zemen made sure they could attend. This training opened doors for ministry in other areas where these trainee pastors recruited other pastors to attend The Freedom In Christ Course in their home area.

Each training has significant costs for Zemen, but he gladly does it and is trusting God for more funds to continue to build the training centre and to help rural pastors attend. As Howard says, Zemen does it “Knowing that God is true and real in Christ and He is able to do exceedingly beyond our imagination.”

Zemen writes:

“We continued our different days training with leaders. three days fasting and prayers, four days of Freedom In Christ Discipleship Training and 21 days for training for pastors and leaders from a Muslim background. The program encourages the trainees to go home and train another 20 more leaders and be given more opportunity for more advanced training. The Lord is guiding, providing and doing great things for the sake of His Holy Name.”

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