New FIC teaching events on health and wholeness

We are delighted to announce a new strand of Freedom In Christ teaching entitled "Keys To Health & Wholeness" that you can see for the first time at two day conferences in April and September.

Its aim is to look at health and wholeness from a medical perspective seated firmly within a Biblical worldview.

The material has been put together by a team of 3 GPs and a Nurse Practitioner - Dr. Mary Wren, Dr. Alison Fleetwood, Dr. Sue Sorensen and Lorna Nicholson - working with Steve and Zoe Goss.

Steve Goss says, "There is a lot of confusion out there about what makes you healthy and what makes you sick. That confusion can be even worse in the Church because the Bible says a great deal about wholeness and healing but different people interpret it radically differently. We hope to cut through the confusion and get to grips with key Biblical principles regarding health and wholeness whilst being careful to bring a medical understanding of how our bodies work. The aim is to help Christians live a fruitful, whole life by embracing God’s guidelines for good health."

One Day Events In Sheffield And Kendal
This brand new one-day event is designed to equip you with a clear, straightforward understanding of the Biblical principles for wholeness, health and healing. It will help you live a fruitful, whole life by embracing God’s guidelines for good health and will give you practical tools for helping others too.You will learn keys to help you resolve health issues that you do not need to put up with and discover how to live well despite the limitations of your physical body.

We will consider questions such as:
- what can I do practically to be as healthy as possible?
- how do spiritual issues affect physical health?
- under what circumstances can we expect to see supernatural healing today?

This conference is for any Christian who has an interest in understanding health issues from a Biblical perspective. It will also bring useful insights to church leaders and Christian health professionals into how to help those in their care find wholeness. 

For more details:

Sheffield on 25 April 2015

Kendal on 12 September 2015

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