Neil Anderson starts a daily blog

From Neil Anderson, founder of Freedom In Christ Ministries:

"Happy New Year! My memoirs, Rough Road to Freedom, tell my journey from self sufficiency to God dependency, from a natural worldview to a more biblical worldview, from informational messages to transformational ministries. Brokenness is the key to Christ-centered living and fruitful ministries. I had no idea how my self-sufficient, stoic, Scandinavian, farm background was my greatest enemy to my sufficiency in Christ. God brought me to the end of my resources so I could discover His. I can't set a captive free or bind up the broken-hearted, but God can and He wants to do it through you and me.

For the next three years I will be doing a daily blog (see five days a week. I will be covering theological issues like salvation, sanctification, repentance, faith, and spiritual warfare, but the primary purpose is to show how personal and spiritual conflicts can be resolved in Christ. I believe the Church should be equipped to help their people overcome depression, anxiety disorders, anger, chemical addiction, sexual addiction, and interpersonal conflicts.

Join me in this journey and share it with your friends around the world. May God richly bless you and keep you in Christ."

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