Hungarian launch of FIC Discipleship Course

The new Hungarian version of the Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course was launched today at a conference of 70 or so leaders in Budapest.

Pictured above are Andras & Evi David who for two years have spearheaded the team that has worked on the project. Their pastor, Lajos Revesz, from a Baptist church in Szekesfehervar, Western Hungary, organised the launch conference.

Steve & Zoe Goss attended the conference and introduced the concepts of the Freedom In Christ approach to discipleship. Steve said, "We were all so encouraged by the response of the leaders at the event. Many bought the course and all gave it an enthusiastic welcome. It's a real privilege to be here!"

Also attending from the UK were Geoff & Mary Loveys (pictured left) from Poole. They have been visiting Hungary to work with church leaders for over 20 years and have known Pastor Lajos all of that time. They first had the vision to take Freedom In Christ to Hungary 7 years ago and have been working and praying faithfully to that end.

Steve said, "What we have seen today is a result not only of the fantastic work by the Hungarian team but of the vision, prayer and determination of Geoff & Mary over many years. It is fantastic to see that work come to fruition but in many ways this is just the start. We ain't seen nothing yet!"

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