Do you have a story of God's grace?

Freedom In Christ Ministries is looking to film some brief interviews with people for a new resource for churches that we are currently developing.

The Grace Course will be a 6-session course that will make a great follow-up to the Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course but can also stand alone as, for example, a Lent course. It is designed to help us understand the enormity of God's outrageous grace and walk in it every day. It is anticipated that the course will be launched in Autumn 2012.

The look and feel of the new course will be very similar to our current Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course where the teaching on the DVD is interspersed with stories. That's where you come in!

We are particularly interested in stories from those who have been through the Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course and seen change in their lives but are also very happy to take stories from those who have not been on the course if they are in the relevant subject areas (see below).

We need responses by Monday 31 October 2011. We will then go through them and contact each respondent with a view to filming around the UK in January 2012.

Download further details and an application form (Word document).

Subject areas

If you can say "yes" to one of the following questions and have a story of how that area of your life has changed decisively through Christ, we'd love to hear it!

  • Did Christianity seem like simply a set of rules to obey or standards to live up to?
  • Did you feel that, no matter what you did, you could never do enough to please God?
  • Did you think that you had fallen so far away from God that there was no way back?
  • Did you get a fresh revelation of just what it means to be a child of God?
  • Did you discover a fresh intimacy with God?
  • Did you come to realise that God just loves you, no matter what you have done?
  • Did you have a deep sense of shame?
  • Have you walked free from feeling guilty all the time?
  • Do you realise that you used to compare yourself with other people to feel better about yourself?
  • Were you set free from being a perfectionist?
  • Did you get a fresh understanding of your new identity in Christ?
  • Did you used to think that it didn't matter how you behaved as a Christian?
  • Did you walk away from sin issues that you seemed to be stuck in?
  • Did you walk away from fears that used to grip you?
  • Did you resolve anxiety and/or panic attacks?
  • Did you used to be frightened of God?
  • Did you used to be frightened of another person/other people?
  • Did you used to fear that you had lost your salvation?
  • Did you used to think that God would not accept you unless you met certain standards?
  • Have you found that you now want to do your best for God just because you love Him, not because you feel you have to?
  • Did you used to have a great suspicion of Christians from other traditions but now find that you value and appreciate them?
  • Do you have a testimony about what it means to "remain in the vine" (John 15)?
  • Have you discovered that Jesus' yoke really is easy and his burden light?
  • Have you developed a much more intimate relationship with the Father?
  • Have you been set free from "trying to make things happen"?
  • Have you been set free from feeling the need to have some control over someone else (a spouse, children, colleagues for example)?
  • Have you found that, in teaching others or helping others grow as disciples, it is so much more effective to show them grace than to give them a set of standards to hit?
  • Did you realise how much pride was in you and take steps to humble yourself?
  • Have you discovered what it means to let go of everything because you know you can't do it and then watch as God does an amazing job building your ministry for you?
  • Has God ever taken you to a really low point so that He can work in your life?

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