Report from Cape Town, South Africa

Report by Steve Goss: I’ve spent three days in Cape Town, South Africa, with Roger Reber our Swiss Director. We were working with eight churches- in a suburb called Brooklyn which, apparently, used to be known as “sin city”. It’s an area with a lot of social issues.

Time and again the pastors of the churches referred to it as “a historic event”. It’s the first time ever that churches here have co-operated in this way. It was truly a privilege to be there.

The highlight for me was the reception given to our teaching on the crucial importance of unity. Many of the pastors really grasped the message and plan to meet regularly to take it forward. The conference culminated with a joint service with wonderful African worship.

I preached our message on forgiveness. I then asked all church leaders to come to the front and express their unity and got the people to pray for them (pictured above). It was a powerful moment. I sense that the stage is potentially set for a genuine move of unity and therefore total transformation of this area. I’d love to come back some time and see how it’s going.

It has been such a huge privilege to be here. I have absolutely loved the African worship and joy. It’s been an enormous blessing.

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