Wed 1st June 2005

We're delighted that the workbooks for the Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course have now been reprinted and are back in stock.

Tue 31st May 2005

"Get Started With The Freedom In Christ Approach" is the title of a one day event to be run around the UK from Autumn 2005.

Fri 1st April 2005

Download Freedom In Christ's all new widgets for Mac and PC.

Thu 31st March 2005

The popularity of the FIC Discipleship Course has taken everyone by surprise, including Monarch the publishers.

Tue 15th March 2005

The Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course was one of three books nominated at the Christian Book Sellers Convention for Best Reference Book of 2005.

Tue 1st February 2005

Neil Anderson recently spent a week in the UK. He ran a Living Free In Christ event in Belfast, his first visit to Northern Ireland and a Discipleship Counselling conference in Shrewsbury.

Tue 28th December 2004

Welcome to our new look website, we hope you like it. Everything has been completely overhauled from the look to the underlying systems.

Sun 1st August 2004

Dave Park's Visit Establishes New Youth Team

Tue 1st June 2004

Well, the Lord did it! The new Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course has been over three years in the making but it’s finally ready.

Thu 15th April 2004

The Freedom Fellowship is our way of keeping in touch with those who are using the FIC approach. Recently we changed the way we support members.

Thu 1st April 2004

We are delighted that Neil Anderson will be making two visits to the UK in the next year.

Sun 1st February 2004

Experience a new freedom, intimacy and oneness with your spouse