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Join Jess Regnart's Support Team and help get the Freedom Message to Every Generation!

We are committed to reaching Every Generation with the life-giving tools and teaching that God has entrusted to us. And yet with every new generation comes a shift in culture and brand-new challenges to people finding, keeping and sharing their faith. 

This is highlighted in the dilemma that much of the church now face in reaching and discipling the millennial generation. 65% of 20-30’s have never heard the gospel and only 7% of them go to church.

Sadly, it’s not set to improve with 7 out of 10 churched teenagers giving up on God by the age of 18. The reality is that the UK is now a huge mission field and when you look globally the challenge is multiplied!

This is not a status quo we need to accept – rather it is an urgent trumpet call to action. The gospel is as powerful and relevant as ever - we just need to ensure that we are communicating it in an effective, relevant, accessible and impactful way. 

And that’s why Jess is on the team in a brand-new role as Director for Every Generation. Jess comes with over a decade of experience in using Freedom in Christ to disciple all ages. She co-presented and co-wrote ‘disciple’ for young adults and has a huge heart and understanding of the 11 – 18’s and 20-30’s. She combines that with her experience of working across all generations from those at retirement age to young children. Jess is dedicated to ensuring that what we communicate will resonate with every generation from young to old effectively. 

This is a huge mission and she needs your help. Will you partner with Jess in prayer and finance as she works with Freedom in Christ to take this transformational message to every generation, in every people group? 

For more information please download her invitation here.

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