Choose Freedom in 2021 - Online Courses For Leaders start January

"This is such a brilliant course and I am learning so much - I wish I had done it before my first charge. I had a very difficult time and I believe that if I had done this course prior to taking up the charge or even during it – there would have been a very different outcome.  I can't stress highly enough the value of this course!!  Because of it I now feel that I am more prepared and more confident to go into my next charge. I am so grateful to be doing it now. God’s timing is always perfect!"
Church of Scotland Minister - Freed To Lead Online Oct-Dec 2020

During the Coronavirus pandemic we have been running Freedom In Christ and Freed To Lead, two of our discipleship courses, online for leaders. It's been a fantastic opportunity for leaders to come together and invest in their own discipleship journey and leadership. Afterall, we can only lead others to the extent we are also followers - followers of Jesus! Making use of Zoom and its breakout rooms, and Freedomstream, as Janet's quote above shows, the courses we've run so far have had a real impact.

Although vaccine hopes are high, restrictions look set to continue well into the spring of 2021. And so from January we will be offering ALL of our courses online for leaders! Some will run in the evenings to enable those who work other jobs during the day to join us. Take a look at the schedule below, and keep an eye out on your emails for registration details:

  • Freedom In Christ Course: starts Wednesday 13th Jan, 3-5pm for 10 weeks
  • disciple: starts Monday 27th Jan, 7-9pm for 10 weeks (for 18-30s)
  • Grace Course: starts Friday 8th Jan, 3-5pm, for 7 weeks
  • Keys To Health, Wholeness & Fruitfulness: starts Monday 18th Jan, 1 - 3pm, for 8 weeks
  • Freed To Lead: starts Monday 11th Jan, 7.30 - 9pm, for 11 weeks.


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