Grace Course Participant's Guide


The Grace Course Participant's Guide contains notes for all of the six teaching sessions as well as the ministry component of the course, The Steps To Experiencing God's Grace.

Let God’s grace free you to be real and bear much fruit!

  • Live a fruitful Christian life simply by being the person God made you to be.
  • Don’t “perform” for God or other people but learn to serve out of love.
  • Hold your head up high no matter what’s in your past.
  • Get rid of condemning thoughts and that “low grade fever” of guilt.
  • Stop returning to the same old sins again and again.
  • Fear nothing and no one except God Himself.
  • Learn to serve out of genuine rest.
  • Work together with others to reach the world for Christ.

Also available in packs of five at a discount.

Braille and Giant Print (24pt) versions will be available from The Torch Trust. Contact them direct for more details on 01858 438260 or via their website