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26th May 2019

Lightbringers Launch

It's here! We are really excited to announce that The Lightbringers, the Freedom In Christ Message For Children has landed!

For many years we have had requests for a resource that teaches the Freedom In Christ message of “Truth, Turning, and Transformation” to children. And, after more than five years of development, The Lightbringers is launched today.

It’s a powerful 10-session discipleship course for 5-to-11-year-olds that comes in a Church Edition and an innovative online-only Family Edition for parents to use at home.

The Church Edition includes a...

21 June 2019

Could your church become one of our Church Partners and help extend Jesus' freedom across the UK and beyond?

Our Church Partners make the world of difference at Freedom In Christ. They provide much needed funds to help us extend the Freedom Message right across the UK, develop new resources, help us offer hugely discounted material to those less able to afford them, and help shape the future direction of the ministry. In return, we provide training, discounts for retreats, speakers with inspiring stories and much more! Its a partnership in every sense of the word.

Juan, Senior Pastor at Flixton Fellowship Church, explains why they have chosen to partner with Freedom In Christ:

Freedom in Christ has been a wonderful support for our church, with all our members benefiting from living freer and...

24th May 2019

It's Friday, so it's time for our latest Choose Freedom Story - Meet Sarah:

Sarah, hi! How did you find out about Freedom In Christ?

I found out about Freedom in Christ at church when we went through the course all together. When the new disciple version of the course was launched, I decided I’d like to do it again in a smaller group. 

So, which part of disciple has had the most impact on your life?

I would say sessions 5 and 6 had the most impact on my life. During these sessions, I realised that as a young teenager and into my early 20’s, I had developed some really unhelpful ways of thinking about myself, based on lies that other people had spoken over me. 

I really identified with the starter video in Session 6, the feeling of being stuck...

24th May 2019

After many years of waiting, we’re just thrilled to have recently commissioned Peter and Carolyn Costello to co-ordinate a new Scottish team for Freedom in Christ!  

Many years ago they sensed the Lord calling them to Scotland, and so now, in God’s perfect timing, they’ve upped sticks from Aylesbury and relocated to the Central Belt.

In our new prayer strategy for the UK we’re keen to found, ground and surround everything we do in prayer, so they’ve begun seeking out connection with churches, leaders and listening for direction.  

Do you have a heart for Scotland?

Do you love the Freedom In Christ message?

Do you love prayer and believe it changes things?

If yes, we’d love to hear from you! We sense the time is right to increase the prayer effort, and our...

17th May 2019

It's Friday, so that means it's time for another Choose Freedom story! This week, meet Helen...

Hi Helen! So, how did you find out about Freedom in Christ?

I was baptised in November 2016 and the following year my pastors wife said she was running this course and my friend asked if I would like to go with her.

Which part of the freedom message has had the most impact on your life?

I think for me personally it was learning about forgiveness and the security of knowing God is in control as I have always been a worrier and shy person.

How has your life changed?

When it came to dealing with unforgiveness in the Steps To Freedom, I had it on my heart to get in touch with my eldest sister who had cut off contact and I hadn't seen in over a year. It gave me...

13th May 2019

We're sharing stories to encourage and inspire us all to choose the freedom that Jesus has won for us - here's Innes' story:

Innes, when did you hear about Freedom In Christ?

I first found out about Freedom in Christ in 2011 from a friend at church who had done it and been deeply impacted by it. I really felt it would be good to try it - and as I result I did so and I've not looked back since! I always recommend it to others at every opportunity.

Which part of the freedom message has had the most impact on your life?

It was so good to know that only God knows what we think and that Satan cannot read our minds. We can know with confidence that Jesus is the only one that knows us inside and out and, as it says in the bible, "He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world."


6th May 2019

We're sharing stories to encourage and inspire us all to choose the freedom that Jesus has won for us - here's Dave's story:

Dave, how did you find out about Freedom In Christ?

I found out about Freedom In Christ through my church: Real Life Church, in Sutton Coldfield. We initially ran a course as a congregation and later I decided to attend a small-group course run by Mike and Sarah.

And which part of the course has had the most impact on you?

Probably the part that has had the most impact is understanding the Who we are in Christ statements. I love that part and it impacts me every day - I love it so much I wrote the whole thing out and put them up on my office wall!

My life has been most changed by truy...