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16th May 2018

TRANSFORM 2018/19 is now open for applications! You can apply online and find out more here.

TRANSFORM is for any main Church or Christian Organisation Leader looking for an unparalleled opportunity to take their leadership into a place of greater freedom, fruitfulness and disciple-making.

Through a 12 month programme including two four day retreats at the beautiful Charney Manor in Oxfordshire, weekly self-study and guided reading and group learning, TRANSFORM provides the vitally important time, space and direction for leaders to press into life and leadership-transforming...

1st May 2018

What's it all about?

From May 25th 2018, all charities and businesses must be compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations, which strengthens the law around personal data and makes sure we, as citizens, are in charge of who has our data and how it is used, or "processed" to use the technical term.

Do I need to reconfirm my "opt-in" to stay in touch with FIC?

No. If you receive emails from us, it's because we already have your consent. At Freedom In Christ we have always had a policy where:

  • We only contact you if you have ticked the box to say you want us to
  • You're able to update what you're subscribed to,
  • You can delete your account whenever you like,
  • We never, ever, share your data with anyone else. 

Under GDPR we are able to stay in touch with you if you have...

10 Jan 2018

FreedomStream: all of FIC's filmed resources available online for one low subscription

We're delighted to announce that FreedomStream is now live! For one monthly (or annual) subscription depending on your church-size, you can now get unlimited access all of our small-group discipleship courses, and two of our keynote training events.

It means that you won't have to buy multiple DVD sets if you have more than one group running, that people can "catch-up online" if they miss a session and that you will be able to browse all our current, and future, material.

Subscriptions start from £15 per month for churches of up to 100 regularly attending, and scale up to churches with over 2,500 people. Annual subscriptions give you 2 months free, and there is also the chance to sign up for a 2...

5th September 2017

Updated 1st March 2018: The Special Upgrade Offer for the Leader's Guide...

1st August 2017

We're delighted to announce a new initiative designed to help key Church and Ministry leaders journey into greater freedom, fruitfulness and disciple-making.

Spear-headed by Freedom In Christ Ministries International, the first pilot of TRANSFORM is going to be held in Northern Ireland, starting this September 2017. It's a 12 month programme which includes two 4-day retreats, self-study and group learning. 

Carolyn Jackson, FICM International Europe and Middle East Area Director, says, "TRANSFORM is going to provide the vitally necessary time and space in Leaders' schedules to engage at a really deep level with life- and leadership-transforming truths. We're excited about who God is going to bring to his first pilot - who He wants to kick-start and accelerate the process of...