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30th April 2020

With the continued coronavirus "lockdown" and the prospect of social distancing being with us for some time to come, it's clear we need to get used to a new kind of "normal". Being a leader is challenging at the best of times, let alone in a season of change, anxiety and uncertainty. 

What better time to ensure you are leading firmly out of your identity in Jesus, wise to the reality of the spiritual battle we are in, and tooled up to enter into all that God has for you?

Starting mid-May, we will be offering two of our courses online to Church Leaders and others in Leadership within the Church or Business. Gareth, our South East Director will host the Freedom In Christ Course on Wednesday evenings starting at 8pm, and Rob, our Executive Director, will host Freed To Lead on...

23rd April 2020

The 2019 TRANSFORM Europe & Middle East Cohort, on retreat in Albania before the Coronavirus lockdown.

TRANSFORM was launched in September 2017 and by June 2020, we will have completed three full programmes, involving over 150 leaders from 20 different countries!

In the 6th century Gregory The Great warned about the danger of distraction in ministry:

“It is as though (the mind) were so preoccupied during a journey as to forget what the destination was!”

Perhaps some things don’t change that much after all! TRANSFORM takes leaders on a 10-month collaborative journey to recover the destination of encountering God and experiencing ongoing transformation for themselves.

The programme is based upon the Freedom In Christ Course, ...

7th April 2020


All five videos from our "How To..." series on Remote Discipleship in one place! Remote Discipleship - An Introduction, Zoom 101, Claiming Host, Using Breakout Rooms, and Using FreedomStream and Zoom.

Coupled with our 3 month free trial on FreedomStream, and our specially discounted FreedomStream Starter Packs, this should give you everything you need to ensure you "do not give up meeting together" (Heb. 10:25) through doing Remote Discipleship!

1. An Introduction

In this first video of our Remote Discipleship Series, we introduce how Freedom in Christ can help you "do" Remote Discipleship and some of the tools you'll need. Unfortunately a problem with the audio from 55s - 1m13s, for some...

7th April 2020

We've released three more vidoes in our series on "Remote Discipleship": Zoom 101, Claiming Host, and using Breakout Rooms. You can view the first introductory video on this page, and the fifth video in the series here

Zoom 101

Our second video in the Remote Discipleship series takes you through some of the key settings on Zoom to make sure you have a great meeting

Claiming Host

In our third video in the Remote Discipleship Series, we discuss how we can claim and share being the "host" - a really important feature to ensure the person leading the meeting gets all...

3rd April 2020

In our latest video on "Remote Discipleship", members of the UK Team look at how we can use Zoom and FreedomStream for small group discipleship:

It's possible to use FreedomStream and Zoom together for "Remote Discipleship" in two ways. The first way would be to get everyone to watch the videos in their own time, and then come together for a Zoom Conference call to discuss, pray, worship and reflect.

You can also use Zoom to host a "watch party", with the opportunity to interact with other participants in the same way as you might if you were in the same room as them. You'll need a good internet connection, but by sharing your screen in Zoom, and that screen being a video from FreedomStream, you can all watch together on a Zoom Call. Watch us demonstrate how to do it above...

31st March 2020

We are delighted to announce that Petr Kácha has been appointed as the National Co-Ordinator for the Czech Republic. Petr has been an ordained pastor since 1995 and is married to Hana, they have five children.

Once an Atheist who has never met a Christian before, Petr made a decision to follow Jesus in 1985 whilst on military service in the Czechoslovak army. It was the testimony of another soldier who was a born-again Christian that proved the turning point!

He first encountered the Freedom in Christ message five years ago when a UK Pastor invited him to attend a Freed to Lead retreat in England. The invitation came at a difficult time for him when he felt criticism in every part of his life but after attending the retreat and going through the teaching and steps he experienced a new freedom.

On returning home, he...

19th March 2020


"Not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another..." Hebrews 10:25

I doubt the writer to the Hebrews had anything like COVID-19 in mind when writing that, but there might never be a more pertiment time than now for us to take this advice.

If you're wondering how to "do discipleship" in an era of self-isolation, lock-downs, churches and schools closing, we think we can help

Get the teaching via FreedomStream - now with extended 3-month free trial!

In response to the Coronavirus crisis, we've decided to release all our teaching material for free through a 3-month, no obligation free trial to all our FreedomStream subscriptions. With one subscription to ...