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A Call to Pray for Scotland's Freedom!

24th May 2019

After many years of waiting, we’re just thrilled to have recently commissioned Peter and Carolyn Costello to co-ordinate a new Scottish team for Freedom in Christ!  

Many years ago they sensed the Lord calling them to Scotland, and so now, in God’s perfect timing, they’ve upped sticks from Aylesbury and relocated to the Central Belt.

In our new prayer strategy for the UK we’re keen to found, ground and surround everything we do in prayer, so they’ve begun seeking out connection with churches, leaders and listening for direction.  

Do you have a heart for Scotland?

Do you love the Freedom In Christ message?

Do you love prayer and believe it changes things?

If yes, we’d love to hear from you! We sense the time is right to increase the prayer effort, and our fledgling Scottish team would so appreciate you getting behind them as they prepare to build team and gain direction.

>> Click here to contact us and sign up for Praying for FIC Scotland

We really want to see the Scottish bride take hold of her freedom, and we know prayer is the key. If you want to meet Pete and Caroyln and share in Scotland's Freedom Adventure, you can catch up with them in the market place at Refuel 2019

Serving Him shoulder to shoulder (Zeph 3:9)

Whilst you're here, can we ask for your help?

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