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How can I get involved?

We are passionate about working with those who have themselves been touched by the Biblical message of freedom. If that's you, please make yourself known to us by joining our community of Christians who want to see individuals, churches and even whole communities come into the freedom that Christ has won for them. We'd love to work with you! Here are two ways you can make a real difference:

Join our community of financial supporters

Financial support enables us to develop new resources, and get them into the hands of more Church Leaders. As a result many, many people are connecting with this life-changing message. There are always new projects - small and large - that don't happen unless there's funding for them.

Become a financial supporter and you'll get access to a special section of our website where we'll keep you up-to-date with how your money is being used and new projects worldwide that you might want to support.

Pray with us

Neil Anderson in his book Discipleship Counselling says -

“Prayer is the spiritual foundation for this ministry.  Those who are committed to intercessory prayer need to intercede for everyone involved.  A Freedom in Christ ministry can indeed be a battle ground for spiritual warfare, and prayer is crucial to victory and freedom.” 

We are 100% committed to prayer before anything else and to seeing God open the doors rather than trying to wrench them open by human effort. We value prayer so highly that one of our few staff positions is that of Director of Intercession. 

You can support us in prayer through various ways: receiving our monthly prayer letter;hosting a prayer evening; joining our intercessors team.

Steve Goss says, "If you've been touched by this message and want others to be too, then I'd love you to become a 'friend of FIC'. Please don't think your help in giving and prayer won't make a difference - it really will."