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Helping Others With Deeper Issues

Helping Others With Deeper Issues

A workshop to equip church teams to help people resolve issues from the past in Christ

Who is this for?

  • This event is for those who, as part of a team in their church, want to help people resolve deeper issues. The event is ideal for whole teams to attend.

What's the format?

  • Two-day workshop (usually Friday afternoon and evening and all day Saturday)

What does it cover?

Discover why every Christian - no matter how badly “messed up” - can find their freedom and become a fruitful disciple as you encourage them to choose truth and to resolve their personal and spiritual conflicts.

  • Why Christians with deeper issues need to know what they already have
  • Equipping them to win the spiritual battle and stand firm
  • Understanding who is responsible for what
  • Helping those with deeper issues assume responsibility
  • Why every Christian (no matter how “messed up”) can become a fruitful disciple
  • Using The Steps To Freedom In Christ to resolve personal and spiritual conflicts
  • Setting up a church team to work with a person with deeper issues
  • Understanding deeper issues such as abuse, dissociative disorders and addictions
  • Tools to use with your deeply wounded person

Participants should have covered the basic Freedom In Christ discipleship teaching and, ideally, been on our Helping Others Find Freedom In Christ one-day event or the corresponding DVD.

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