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Discipleship Challenge

Join us for the Discipleship Challenge Workshop

discipleship challenge

Who is this event for?

  • Anyone who is interested in discipling young adults aged 18 to 35
  • Anyone who wants to understand more about FIC's approach to discipleship
  • Anyone who wants to know more about 'disciple', our resource for millennials, and how to run it

What's the format?

  • A full-day interactive workshop for those wanting to explore what discipleship means for 18 -35 year olds in today's cutlure. There will be lots of opportunity to chat, ask questions, debate and reflect on your own discipleship approach.

What does it cover?

Young adults are often called the "missing generation" in our churches. 65% of them are completely unchurched and a quarter of them believe that Jesus is a fictional character. The problem has got so bad that 96% of Church leaders say that reaching them and discipling them is one of their top level priorities for ministry and mission, yet only 11% believe they have the understanding resources to do it.

This event aims to change that. This generation isn't lost without hope, they are searching and they are hungry for authentic spirituality and go all out for God when they see Him as He really is - this is a discipleship issue which can be overcome!

First we will help you understand the huge change in culture that has taken place and outline the trends that explain why young adults are rejecting the church. We will unpack the way that this generation communicates and receives information and explain how to adjust in order to communicate effectively and relevantly. 

We will then look at Freedom in Christ's discipleship strategy and tools for reaching and discipling this generation and how you can help them step into their true identity as active disciples of Jesus.

The event gives plenty of time to chat, debate and reflect. You will leave equipped to reflect on your own discipleship methods and with a practical way to ensure that this significant generation is not missing in your church.

Topics covered include:

  • The hallmarks of a real disciple of Jesus
  • The reality of a missing generation
  • The gifts that 18-35's bring to the church
  • The changes in culture they face and the stumbling blocks this presents
  • An introduction to Freedom in Christ's three pronged approach to discipleship for real transformation
  • A brief introduction to the 'disciple' resource
  • How we at Freedom in Christ are here to help you

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